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Finding Your Nearest Billionaire…

14 Mar

Check out for a great tool on mapping billionaires. Fascinating stuff!!


Mapping Twitter Moods

6 Mar

Research from Harvard University  titled ‘Pulse of the Nation: U.S. Mood Throughout the Day inferred from Twitter‘ has created a fascinating model using ‘happy and sad tweets’. Using  data  from the U.S. Census Bureau, maps from Wikimedia Commons, user locations inferred using the Google Maps API; all displayed perfectly using a PostGIS cartograms. Check out the video:

Introducing the fastest evolving organism: ‘The Internet’

18 Jan

It is no secret that the internet has disbanded the geographies of time, place and activities. People can now create and access information where and when they want (given some access and a little bit of education). With a growing population of 2 billion users, this revolutionary world has given birth to an intricate set of ‘Online Communities’ or, what academic geographers may call ‘Neo-tribes’. Combing this rapid growth with the freedom of time, place and activities has created an organic like world which evolves to meet the population’s needs.

Artist Randall Munroe’s  “Map of Online Communities” (below) exemplifies how the e-world has evolved at an alarming rate; survival of the fittest being clear cut (poor Myspace!)

Online Community Map, 2007

The Online Community: 2007

Online Communities Map: 2010

Online Communities Map: 2010

Back before the internet days (when the geographies of time, place and activities were less unsettled), there would be chaos if communities grew and landscapes changed that much in just three years…. Don’t you agree?

This BIG question is… What will it be like in 2013?

Geography: Right Here. Right Now.

2 Jun

This video provides a holistic introduction [not a summary!] to a Geography in the 21st century….enjoy!