Hello! My name is Robbie McGregor; a 21 year old graduate in BA Geography. The motivation behind this blog is to answer the countless questions of “What are you going to do with a Geography Degree… it’s all rocks and rivers isn’t it?” My usual answer normally starts with “Well, I focus on aspects of Human Geography”; something that is often followed by crude, and monotonous, innuendos or blank stares. The fact is (and most people know this but do not engage with it) Human Geography is everywhere and can be applied in almost any context. Considering this, the aim of this blog is to share, discuss and put forward my findings from the web and everyday world. However, this does not mean I will be posting (or preaching!) ‘pure’ Human Geography concepts and theories; it will be more of a topical approach using my geographical training – perhaps to show how Geography is an important ‘monster’ that is hidden in all places. Moreover, I look forward to hearing from you with your comments on this blog – after all, everybody is a Geographer, whether they know it or not!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Ed Hannifan June 1, 2010 at 8:34 pm #

    I’m liking all of this, and the first post on products. Although a little association with prostitution cannot go unnoticed.

    Still, there is one point I would like to add.

    It’s very well recognising ‘the fact that Human Geography is everywhere and can be applied in almost any context’…

    …But who cares?

    The key is substantiating the discipline (or subject depending which you choose to discuss [some argue a difference]); being able to explain or even convince others that having done human geography, and having done it well, gives us some unique, added quality that others having taken anything else will not possess.

    What’s the point in knowing about any of the stuff we have been taught over the past thee years or so?

    Why would your employer care if you’ve learnt about a disfunctional family of topics and concepts, taught by a bunch or fairly parochial aged men?

    In answering these questions you will rock out harder than most others could even dream of. Great, we can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. but so can most people.

    What can we really do with our own specific knowledge, our geographical insights into times past, present and future, of places and spaces across the globe and those elsewhere, virtual or real?

    This isn’t meant to be a downer on what is happening here, I am asking honestly for someone, or people, to tell me why we are at an advantage having learnt the things we have? Assuming of course that we are at an advantage of some description.

    Why should anyone else care that we learnt the things we did?

    Cheers folks.



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